About us

About Us

To be a member, you must be an adult female (18years and above) born to an Igbo man or Igbo woman.


Every member of the organization must be a contributing member and an active participant in all the activities of the club


Members 70 years and above have special recognition and membership incentives such as half off the bi-monthly fee

Life is better with


There are many challenges facing Igbo communities around the world; especially back home in Nigeria. As an Igbo decendant, you have a duty of helping promote, defend, and highlight the tenents that make us Igbos. At Ezi Umuada Igbo Club NY, we:

Raise awareness of some harmful Igbo traditional practices

Provide a forum for uniting Igbo women

Engage in cultural activities with other communities

Embark on projects that improve living standards in Igbo communities

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A member of our executive committee will review your submitted information and reach out to you

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